These videos can help you with minor maintenance issues. We at Eaton ask that you make an attempt to fix small repairs before calling them in. Of course if you have tried and the issue is not resolved, we want you to call it in to our call line.314-729-2158

DO try this at home #1 - Unclog your bathroom sink!

How to Unclog a Tub Drain - The Home Depot

Protecting Your Outside Water Faucets in the Winter

Sheraton REM Move Out Cleaning Tips

How Do I Shut Off the Main Water Supply to My House? | Tips from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

How To Rid Your Home of Mice - The Home Depot

Garbage Disposal Rules

How to Unclog a Toilet - The Home Depot

GFCI plugs, how to reset and test

Is your outlet not working? See how to reset your GFCI outlets and circuit breaker

How To Light A Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

Furnace wont start. What to do before calling the repair man.

Furnace Air Filter - How to Change It Properly

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