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Purchasing investment property for rent or to flip is quite different than purchasing a personal home to live in. Many of the best homes for investment will never show up on the MLS.

OUR REPUTATION GETS US LEADS: Because of our stellar reputation in working with investors we get a heads up on properties that will be coming available, and are often able to put a buyer and seller together before the property ever hits the market.

WE ARE HUD PROPERTY EXPERTS: Handling a HUD deal is not for the faint at heart but when you make your bid through an agent at Eaton Properties, you have a professional who knows the negotiation process, will meet deadlines, and can follow the process every step of the way.

WE WORK FOR YOU: Having an agent to negotiate the deal, and to point out potential problems allows you to benefit from our years of experience in the field and insures that you are represented properly in the transaction.

WE KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Because we have managed properties for so long we have seen over and over again what can happen if an investor is not trained to look for hidden defects. We can help the investor look past the ugly and see the potential in a property; at the same time we are trained to look for the “cover-ups” that could be hiding costly repairs down the road.

WE UNDERSTAND MUNICIPALITY RESTRICTIONS: Did you know that some areas are in historic districts and if a rehab is done it must be done within specific costly guidelines? Just because it’s a bedroom doesn’t mean you can use it as a bedroom. Many municipalities have room size restrictions that will not allow occupancy for a room that does not meet their size requirements. This means that you thought you purchased a three bedroom home, and now you can only get occupancy for a 2 bedroom. Other areas restrict certain pets or breeds of dogs. Knowing the rules of specific areas help the investor to make informed decisions when buying or selling a property.

WE KNOW WHAT SELLS AND RENTS: Some floor plans are easier to rent and sell than others the number of bedrooms, layout of the home, basement or slab, all affect your ability to rent or sell the property in the future. Keeping all of these factors in mind we can help you know what price to offer for a property if you are buying, and what you should be able to rent or sell your property for if you are selling.

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